Keep Up To Date Seminar Schedule On Web Sites Is Time-consuming And Error-prone

Seminartimer is provider of seminars which represent your dates on the website the schedule management for websites seminar party, aware of the problem. Incorporate new appointments, promptly removing old appointments, changes make reprogramming. A lot of effort, this very error-prone. Obsolete date lists seem unprofessional and are a nuisance for each Organizer. Seminartimer is an online software provider of seminars, workshops and courses.

Thus, seminar dates can be managed online and then displayed on the Web site. Seminartimer wraps the appointments on the Internet site of the provider. While the software optimally adapts the appointment lists to the layout of the site. This is done via a highly efficient template system. Seminartimer the seminar provider saves a lot of work and time.

And at the same time ensures professional websites with always-current date lists. New dates can be entered online. This helps a convenient copy function with the data from the existing appointment can be applied… Data on existing dates can be changed with little effort. All these changes are immediately effective in the representation on the Internet pages. And the Seminartimer can be outdated seminars immediately disappear. With Seminartimer, the management and renovation work for the Internet sites can be reduced to a minimum. Up to 14 different fields can be filled with information about the seminars. These details are then all represented according to the provider on the website. The seminars can be categorized into types. The published date list can be filtered then any after this seminar types. A code generator for the appearance of the appointment lists in JavScript, PHP and HTML. The user can then choose how he wants to include the dates. The HTML code is for static applications. For example, appointments can be integrated so easily in newsletter. In addition, also a two-tier early bird discount system can be used. Seminartimer provides the current representations Information about the conditions for early booking. Contact: ComConsulting GmbH, Uwe Boving address: P.o. box 501225, 50972 Cologne Tel.: 0221/3408917 fax: 0221/351562 Internet: email:


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