Lamellar and non-geometric microliths

The lamellar microliths occur gradually throughout LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm the Upper Palaeolithic. According to J. Guichard indicate that there are certain pieces that microlitizacion started already in the Gravetiense (the “burins of Noailles ” and “Microgravettes ” are proof of that), the continuous flowering during the Magdalenian significantly (persist, Then, in many traditions Epipaleolithic, especially circunmediterraneas). These microliths, which are slightly larger than the geometric, are manufactured from the leaves from silex ad hoc small group or either nucleos sheet exhausted. The techniques for obtaining, as the media is not very large, it may be the pressure or percussion indifferently (though the pressure is always the best option, being more complicated but is not used). There are funds three basic types microliths of lamellar:
The leaves truncated (ie, lower private equity company one end or both stream-based abrupt retouches) varieties differ according to the position of the truncadura (oblique, straight, double …) and by shape (convex , concave …). Renowned for their special form, the “raclette microliticas , leaves or the edges have NYSE been Lasquite elaboration sharply to acquire a subcircular form or capital worth report (the raclette cultural indicators are unclear, because in larger sizes appear throughout the Stone Age ).
Edge leaves the shot (with an edge to ‘killed’, usually the side, too steep for retouching), there are fewer varieties, for example, if all or only a rim shot, hedge funds whether this is right or investors not … Segun Fortea Perez are the type of key industries lamellar, from which many types are developed, which can be endless. ‘s new head pointed out some examples, first the call to “Dufour leaves” (a piece up to three centimeters, finely carved with a curved profile which touches are marginal, steep and characterizes a certain stage of the Aurignacian), the “Solutrean Inc. of dorso leaves (leaves with a very steep abrupt retouching, so they are very long and narrow and, although rare, characterized certain phases of Solutrean), the Ouchtata investment portfolio of leaves (similar to stocks the above, except that refined back is not homogeneous, but irregular, characterized varieties of ICLS Epipaleolithic Saharan The Iberomaurisiense) and Montbani of leaves (with a touch-lateral partial equity funds and irregular nature of Tardenoisiense Italian) .
The micropuntas (leaves to be shaped by aguzado extremely rugged touch), these are Asset Management a fund management huge number of regional CEO of varieties, hedge funds almost all of them terribly difficult to distinguish (especially net worth in the western area), but for the archaeological context in which they usually appear. Here we highlight the following, as a mere example (we have left out the tips foliaceas The characterized by hiding his touch, which constitute a separate group) .
A “tip of Chatelperron ” is not properly microliths, while slashing the size and, with his old age and their morphology leaf shot curved edge is the forerunner of many lamellar microliths.
The Mircrogravette ‘or’ mircropunta of Gravette ‘version is one of the microliths ” tip of the Gravette ‘, developed on a very narrow leaves with a touch too abrupt, leading to a characteristically sharp piece, compared to others.
A “tip aziliense ” allows us to link the tips microliths Magdalenian, which we have not spoken with family of funds Epipaleolithic West. Their careful little touches and more invasive than in the other, are a way of determining them.
A “tip ahrensburgiense Ribostky is also a piece finipaleolitica Epipaleolithic or West, but in a more specific morphology, which is obtained from investment management a leaf (not a smaller and emerging funds hojitas), obliquely truncate and with a small eta lenga possibly served as the enmangue Venable tip.
We are now a number of points in the characteristics of two Middle Eastern cultures, such as “The tip-Emireh (Superior Paleolitico investment almost equivalent to that of Chatelperron because maybe contemporanea apparently shorter, and also appears on manufactured sheet not on leaves), the “The tip-Wada ‘(the Upper Paleolithic close to the same area, this time built on a very long and narrow leaves), and El-Khiam point (identified by Gonzalez Echegaray Spanish archaeologist protoneoliticos of deposits in Jordan, although little known, but easily identified by the two notches on the base, no doubt intended for enmangue )
A ‘Tip funds Adelaida is public companies of Australian origin, the bill, based on truncaduras sheet, with a near-trapezoidal shape, is an almost perfect connection with the group of asset management geometric microliths discussed below.
This last example has not only been selected to emphasize the extent of the chronological and cultural microliths lamellar also to pinpoint the similarities and differences MORPHOLOGICAL technological grometricos with microliths, as these are defined not only by its form of trapezes, triangles or segments Vicious circle , but (as we shall see shortly) is separated from the rest by the gestures made in its preparation, which can polarize around microburil technique.

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