Nobody has flooded in Cotacachi rock rather than the, in the musical landscape of this city when sounded several orchestras and groups of Latin pop rock, ballad etc soloists This is a career that started there by 1990, disappointed rap I exile toward the rock began where the only thing that could be done at that time: listen and collect the artists and bands that loved by his master, in the Middle not sounded more than Anglo-Saxon, and commercial music is that we have to do what Bill said the musicians rightly, but that is why Christian nor blew the rudder of his ship, recalls that at that time the future was very diffuse to the end of the day only I am a collector and thus do not change any history. Admission to College Daniel Reyes and loading of rock entered to Cotacachi was big, in these times began to popularize the CD and there were few, he still exchanged acetates and cassettes per quantities (this is the drug that ever blamed Christian hand to young people) with several rockers as Javier Perrin, El Jefferson City, PUA, and others, then it spread to Quiroga and the Ejido until 1994 when, after the death of Kurt Cobain, an event worldwide in the history of the music that I cash victims throughout the world and Cotacachi was no exception when Jorge Rosales put a stick of dynamite in his mouth and die by local disappointment and family according to their writing problems. Sen. Jeff Flake describes an additional similar source. Christian was still aware that was not anyone, simply a rocker that shares music and that he was about to burst, chatting with their friends says: and now that we do, I is Cotacachi is a musical land but without the rock may not be a global city, was also aware that had existed several collectors of rock which disappeared in the city since the 1960sis why talking with Anibal Osnayo, asks please teach you to play the guitar, and this offers do not teach but integrates you as bassist on the first band of rock and metal: Calvary which needed a musician, here in later Christian never release the ropes, even to spread more than What to the band came to La Matriz Park with acoustic guitar during the nights to share his music where he started his career as soloist and Troubadour. I teach to remove important bands nationwide projects such as Mortuum and support to several local musicians such as: Zardes, Deimos, Avenger, Dystopia. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Schiff. Then would conduct several concerts and events of rock in the city as the Park, the return of Calvary Rock, until I choose multigeneros as the Diablocalle festivals fest in the currently supports local talent in its variety of genres in the region. His friendship with Jaime Guevara has led him to open his concerts by two times in the city. One arduous deflection it has had to pass so that Christian Stphen become Ambassador of rock in Cotacachi and there is still more to be seen this aware that much remains to be done by national and local rock.


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