Law Hypothesis

49. The consumer can give up the contract, in the stated period of 7 days to count of its signature or of the act of act of receiving of product or service, whenever the act of contract of supply of products and services to occur outside of the commercial establishment, especially for telephone or the domicile. Only paragraph. If the consumer to exercise the right of repentance foreseen in this article, the eventually paid values, to any heading, during the reflection stated period, will be returned, immediately, monetarily brought up to date. Contact information is here: Christopher Ailman. This protection granted by the CDC, in vigor between us more than has 20 (twenty) years, reflects directly in the logistic one of the companies, more necessarily in logistic reversa, since the product, in the hypothesis of vice or right of action of repentance, will be sent in return to the supplying producer/, that it must redistribute it, in the repentance hypothesis, or to use to advantage it for production of other articles in the hypothesis of vice in the quality. Logistic reversa, that already it was a differential of market of the companies, therefore consists of the reaproveitamento of the products or substances cousins, appear as one necessity in the cases of devolution of the merchandises, is necessary to reproveitar what it was devolution object, then, the law assuring these prerogatives to the consumers demands of the supplying producers/a good planning atinente logistic reversa, duly warned loss of capital. The concern in respecting the Law, changing the products or returning the paid values, is not summarized in the fear of the legal retaliation, but also in the satisfaction of the customers, who mount an image of the company beseada in the prestatividade and comprometimento of the same ones in the treatment of the consumers, and in this point the Internet paints again as an important factor, but of this time the desequlbrio point is harmful, since an intelligent consumer can use the tool to defame a company, mainly through relationship programs. .


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