Lefebvre City

It implies, outrossim, the understanding of the relations between State and society; private companies and society; state-owned companies and of mixing economy and society; public companies and private in interlocution with the society, third sector and local society. She is in this scene that the city if places as the space of the production of the conflicts and of the unfastened bleedings that if establish in way to the antagonistic interests. The city is palco of the fight of classrooms being, therefore, the State to the mediating instance of the social disputes capable to agree to the conflict relations, placing them in safe platforms without removing of the individuals the right to the city. For Lefebvre (1968), the claim of the nature, the desire to use to advantage of it is shunting lines of the right to the city. This last claim if announces indirectly, as trend to run away to the spoiled and not renewed city, the mentally ill urban life before existing ' ' realmente' '. The necessity and the right to the city without obtaining eludiz it. Learn more at: julia koch.

(This did not mean that if it does not have to ahead preserve ample natural spaces of the proliferations of the city that blew up). The right to the city cannot be conceived as a simple right of visit or return to the traditional cities. It only can be formulated as right to the urban life. Transforming, renewed (p.108). The situation of the cities of Amazon is marked by the invisibilidade and socioespacial segregation. She was induced for a State that, in the past, heavily invested in the promotion and estruturao of an industrial urban development, come back toward the productive necessities of the capital and toward the consumption of the hegemonic classrooms. The concentrative politics of income in detriment of the investment in public politics exhibit a picture of habitacional deficit and precariousness of the services of education, basic sanitation, medical attendance, transport, day-care centers and water supply in the peripheral areas of the city.


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