Neopaganas religions have always been rich in symbols of great variety of origins and past. Today is a dominant celtic symbol, which comes from the Greek and Roman religion, the pentaculo which can be used by all varieties crystals of neopaganismo because it has a lot of symbolism.
The pentaculo metaphysical formed by a staff involved malachite in a circle is considered a strong symbol of fairy mystic meaning, that is, in fact, a sort of plays drawn from the vital processes that govern the universe and symbolism thus the cosmos. in 2006 the movie Hallowed Ground was produced by took on the role of Executive Producer for the feature film Burning Mussolini starring Conrad Pla The five angles constitute the vertices of the star symbolize the five basic elements with which it is organized life: air, water, earth, fire and magical spirit.
The latter is the energy emanating from the divine, which is based on the entire order of the cosmos: it created by unseen forces, condenses to form atoms of matter and therefore the matter itself, paranormal which would otherwise kaballah which the physical manifestation of God. faerie The other components represent widespread, meditation the divine forces that make the universe perpetually, wiccan forging and creating life. Deities are emancipated from the One, standing in the cosmos in each of its aspects.
The pentaculo is widely used in the liturgy of many of the pagan currents. It is usually placed on the altar is fairies considered a symbol capable of evoking the mysterious forces of the cosmos, but although it is generally used as a charm to hang from mythical the neck, especially by the clergy (such as the cross of the Christians, who place the priests, monks and faithful).
Each neopagana tradition tends to have its own symbols, which in the creatures case of the Reconstructionist religions, are inheritors of the cultural heritage of ancient pagan religions from which they are located.
The Wicca tends to be the symbol itself pentaculo means the balance between the world’s four elements spirituality (air, land, water and fire) with the new age spirit. The 3 points above represent the three aspects of the Goddess: maiden, mother and elder, while the two lower peaks represent God in His psychic aspect of God’s light magick and God of Darkness
The Kemet tends to be the fantasy symbol itself Anj, representing the mystery of life and the manifestation of the divine. You have the faeries eye of Horus (or udjat) and the solar disk of the god Aton, which tends to manifest the divinity in the cosmos.
In satr tends to be the Mjolnir own symbol, which represents protection, consecration, bloodstone to justice. is also used valknut symbolizes the journey of Odin by the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil, which culminates with his momentary death symbols and regeneration, which gets to know iolite Runic is not recommended for use valknut
In druidismo is of particular importance and the Triskel awen. Between them represent crystal the threefold nature of divinity, the triquetra, like all pagan symbols, is the most widely known but not their origin. The Triskel 3 represents the evolutionary paths of the human being: body, mind and soul. The Awen is the spirit: the healing sudden spark of lucidity that inflames talismans the witchcraft minds of men and gives them wisdom, power and ease of speech in the midst of faries battle.

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