Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems in SMEs in much of small and medium enterprises there is an urgent need for the integration projects of Management Information Systems (GIS) as symptoms or evidence of this we have for example the lack of growth strategies ( blame in large part to the cultural tendency of organizations), inadequate use of technology and knowledge, promoting loss of resources, financial weakness and deficiencies across the organization. Large number of companies have no advantages for greater access to technologies, and develop a GIS, due to various reasons like: high costs, lack of resources, lack of access to information, etc., Plus SMEs have to respond to market quickly and creatively to be difficult to implement and maintain a system to assist and provide support for decision making in order to compete and grow in their field.In an environment of technological change, the challenge is to ensure that most users take advantage of the options available to produce efficiency and innovation in their daily work. Therefore the information technology is a determining factor to bring about the growth of both SMEs and from any company.

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