Marketing Management In Concert Organization

Under the same philosophy of business organization is attuned to the needs and demands of the population. all the structural units of theatrical and concert organizations should be able to share information, coordinate their plans and their implementation. Lack of barriers between functions and between departments, spread the philosophy of marketing for the entire organization becomes an important competitive advantage in today’s services market. Workers from different structural units should work together as a well-coordinated team. This approach allows us to define marketing as a set of ideas that should be across the organization integral, which must be managed. The process of planning a marketing activity is part of the development plan for the organization and carried out by marketing management. Marketing Management serves the philosophy and means of intensifying marketing activities whose primary purpose is not just marketing and sales promotion, and demand management. It represents purposeful activities related to achieving sustainable competitive advantages of organizations in a market that includes such stages as environmental analysis, situational analysis and forecast of the market and capacity-building organizations, developing goals and strategies of behavior in the market, planning marketing goals and tactics of behavior of organizations within a specific situation, develop a plan of the marketing mix, implementation of the plan, ie organization, management, control over the implementation of marketing activities and evaluate the results of marketing activities. Marketing management as a function of entrepreneurial activity acts as a regulator of causality between demand and supply based on continuous tracking of consumer behavior and mechanism of enterprise adaptation to the constantly changing economic conditions in the market..


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