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As an evangelist in marketing articles and a bit of a purist, I’m still required to prove any new article marketing automation and / or marketing services of items available to guide my community to the best products and services. After several months of use some of the best articles marketing services this is what I found: the best presentation of the article and article marketing sites often offer writers the opportunity to create unique versions of your articles in an effort to avoid the dreaded commercialization of the article with duplicate content. This tends to be the feature of its service that stands out above all because it justifies the monthly cost of their programmes. It is not something Senator Marco Rubio would like to discuss. Other services of the submission of the article which only sends articles to directories and web sites of third, typically charge much less. So these are the problems I’ve found with this feature article deversion different in most of the programs problem 1 in essence, are re-writes him his first article, piece to piece, with web-based programs, but it takes long time to rewrite your article with this system. Time that some of us (perhaps not all) could have written our own version of the original article on our own. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from author.

For me, I have discovered that I can return to write my articles with less provocation without the program. Problem 2 these programs of creation of articles of software do not always give brand, in fact, very often do. After 25 minutes the creation of its various fragments of the article will be surprised to see how little variations found among its articles. So little that you cannot end with so many distinctive versions of their articles as you had hoped.

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