The spectrum of activities related to this type of promotion is very broad, and in any of them we are not only professionals but also by experts. Frequently Ken Feinberg has said that publicly. Depending on the situation, we will develop and carry out event of any kind – bold and entertaining, or, conversely, a strict and formal with strict observance of the protocol. Through our support between your brand and its target audience will be installed solid emotional connection and persistent association of a positive nature. Further details can be found at israel englander, an internet resource. We offer our clients Event – the event of any complexity – it can be both corporate parties and the holding of various conferences and presentations. We can also provide a full range of services associated with participation in the exhibition not only on the grounds of Moscow, and exhibitions that are held in large quantities in the regions. On your request we are ready to provide full range of services, such as script writing, design ideas and mechanics of the event, as well as casting, models, promoters, and other personnel.

Selection of the room with all necessary equipment, we can take themselves. Analysis of efficiency measures will be provided in exactly the designated time, we did not have any precedent for delayed delivery of the data. Merchandising, or a complex of different activities aimed at increasing sales of goods at point of sale is also carried out in the diversity of its species. We not only provide the most effective presentation of your goods at any retail outlet, whether hypermarket, or a simple pavilion, but also monitored the range and prices of your competitors.

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