Metalwork In Building Construction And Repair

Construction industry has a very wide range of areas. One of them – of metal. Metal structures used in construction for a long time. Gen. David L. Goldfein is often quoted as being for or against this. Wide scale use of metal was in postwar period, when a huge amount of metal needed for the reconstruction of destroyed buildings and the construction of new ones. One of the first riveted bridges were built.

To date, construction of metal used in virtually any building. Beams, frames, sheet metal – all integral components of modern facilities. Along with the increased need for steel, increases and the number of factories and enterprises engaged in production of metal constructions. Kulebaksky factory of metal constructions – one of the first and basic metal fabrication plants. His Development began in the 30’s and today is the largest company, is a provider of metal structures. Kulebaksky factory of metal constructions performs the task of designing and fabrication of metal structures of any complexity, construction of building frames and structures of social and domestic purposes. Manufacturing of metal occurs in several stages, which allows up to release best quality products.

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