Miriam Autor

Internet has changed the way in which we relate and communicate, buy but also sell fashion, it has changed the way in which we had fun and the way in which we use our time both changed to the world that since some years ago is has also developed a new way of doing business, a new way to work many have been that because learn and undertake under this new mode of management. Internet has become the platform, the environment and also the reason for these new entrepreneurs, which not only work providing services previously unthinkable but also generated new needs and as a result new services.Critical economic situation for some, for others job instability generates that many people think of look for new alternatives to earn money. Internet has become one of them, so millions of people are thrown to the cyber space in search of the much desired solution. And the solutions often appear as magical formulas secret that allow you to earn thousands in a few days and many believe, but most who invest nothing, wanting this to be true, (rather spend) perhaps what little they have to buy the magic formula, of course: there is no. Embark on the Internet involves effort, dedication, perseverance, as any enterprise or even more because we have to familiarize ourselves perhaps with a world unknown before you can even start thinking about a business. The Internet has changed the world, transformed it in such a way that it has developed a new revolution, we are in a new era in the history of mankind. Much has been said and I will say with regard to this, is we are in the information age, but have not received all the information, nor the training have it, make it, do it itself, will depend on the effort, interest, concerns, dreams and ambitions of each. Learning to undertake is a challenge for some and one obligation for others comments will always be well received, share opinions us enrich each other..

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