New International Version

They are not perfect. Along with serving on the work of Jesus Christ are going through the process of improvement which sometimes will aim for victory, but at other times, to the stagnation or possibly, to a setback that neither expects the same person. a It is as if they were climbing the steps of a long ladder while carrying a parcel. The only obstacle that can frequently be found and, if he can not handle, you can take to go back, is discouragement. a Who are our internal conflict from the sidelines, just waiting to assault us despair to justify not found in the Christian commitment an outlet for her own crises.

This situation leads me to remember the friends of Job who, faced with the difficult situation was going through, before he inflicted disincentive mind: a You, which offered instruction to strengthen also the hands multitudesa decayed, and you, that Your words sustained the encountered and reinforced knees began to fail; aahora you face calamities, not resist!; see beaten and tie you down! a Do not trust that you should fear God and that your conduct is blameless? a (Job 4:3-6, New International Version) a still coming from the lips of men who were estranged from the faith, had basis of its recommendations: trust in God. The man or woman of God, despite their loyalty in the work of proclaiming the Gospel is hardly likely to experience these periods of discouragement. When present, it is the heavenly Father, our source of all power, to whom we go.

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