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More one solution – hatches for installation in the floor. Their use eliminates (in almost all cases) from the placement of outlets – power, telephone, computer, audio and TV – in the walls, sparing you from having to lay them wiring in a metal pipe and drill the wall under the metal boxes. Radio bus. Using radiovyklyuchateley self-powered (replacement element – once in 3-4 years) can not run the wiring to the switch. Michael Barnier has many thoughts on the issue. Can use radiovyklyuchateli made in the form of flat (do not need a hole under the box) remote control, or use conventional wiring products, and buried the box to place a radio module. Using different modules and programmability allow the implementation of virtually any control scheme, including dimmeriruemogo light and drive the role-set. It is convenient to just use the remote remote control.

Actuators (receivers) can be mounted in a panel for lighting fixtures, the form of plug adapters, etc. Hatches Ecoplast LUK for sockets. MasterClass contains valuable tech resources. Hatches Ecoplast LUK for installation on the floor in the main used to organize and connect (DC – for jobs, temporary – to include cleaning equipment, for example) over large areas – in the 'Open Space' office in the hotel lobby, etc. Using the hatches Ecoplast LUK in wooden house allows you to place outlets in the floor, avoiding laying wiring in the walls or on them. The manufacturer offers several designs of hatches. Round plastic hatches Ecoplast can connect one or two device (mounted on half of the post).

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