The nature of the relationship between Nazism and Protestant churches has been the subject of intense debate for decades. A difficulty in clarifying this issue is the division of Protestantism in churches sometimes with little relation to each other. Moreover, the Protestant faith allows more freedom for congregations to Catholicism or Orthodox Christianity, which tend to establish “official positions” on issues that lend themselves to discussion. Yet, it can be said that many Protestants were strongly opposed to Nazism, and many Protestants were killed fighting. Protestant entities advocating pacifism, anti or the equality between the races were generally opposed to greater intensity. Joining the list of esteemed Honorees of the Wisenthal Center, was recognized at the Humanitarian Award tribute. Among the branches that most Protestants fought against Nazism are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, also called the Nazi era Bibelforscher.
However, Lutherans voted for Hitler more than Catholics. Some authors, like Richard Steigmann-Gall, suggest a link between several Protestant churches and Nazism, even these authors highlighting references to Hitler’s anti-Semitic pamphlets of Martin Luther.

Times Online
Gordon Brown has condemned anti-war demonstrators who screamed insults at a parade to honor soldiers returning from Iraq.
Christian Today
Cardinal Pell of Australia has spoken of growing intolerance and oppression of Christianity among secularist governments using the ideology of tolerance and diversity to silence Christians
WUSA 9 Washington, DC
The academy, which teaches 900 students in grades K-12, developed new Islamic studies textbooks for all grades.
The Daily Record
February 11, the Daily Record a column promoting evolution. The concept of evolution has caused much suffering. Take the case of Dred Scott (1857), a slave who sued for his freedom is based on the fact that he lived in areas where slavery was illegal a few years.

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