Raise Revenue

Who is not familiar pattern – the boss walks in tension around the office or sitting at his desk, frowning, and his thoughts at this moment about one thing – no matter where more urgent to get money! Money just about had to come, but did not come – Accountant, call the bank and find out why not it. – Yes, an hour ago called! – Another call! Man is so constituted that will think about what hurts. The problem with income – all the focus will be on income. But this does not help much. Whenever Zachary Dell listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Those who tried, Prove it! But what if you expand your attention to 180 degrees? Income – is the incoming stream. This is something that comes to us. Sold goods, services, customer calls and sent letters, advertising, PR-actions, visits – this output stream.

There is a law: Output stream = incoming stream. A manager who knows the law, and skillfully uses, has no problems with the incoming flow and, in particular, to income. For example, the income of the firm has been a tendency to decrease. The first thought Managers should be ‘how can we increase the output stream?’. And only then, did increase rapidly the output stream, it will analyze the situation, find the cause of reduced income, and will resolve it. Meanwhile increase upstream will give him an opportunity to support the firm’s revenue at some level for the period until the reorganization will be necessary, or change, and until they begin to have its effect. American researcher L.

Ron Hubbard recommends the introduction of the following priorities for each department of the organization and each employee: 1) the output stream to the public any communication of particles, including humans, and 2) incoming stream of particles, which give income, and 3) the output stream of work completed or reports (reports) to other employees of the organization, and 4) the incoming flow of orders, requests and information from other employees. When accountant does not refer quickly to the client account in response to his request (priority 2), because he’s busy quarterly report (priority 3), it beats the income of the organization. When the manager, setting aside the text ads, which he gave approval (priority 1), he began studying the payroll (Priority 4), it beats the income of the organization. ‘Make time for each of these actions in accordance with the above sequence and increase its Salary ‘- Council Ron Hubbard. The above law does not say what kind of output stream is incoming. Managers can easily remember when they did the output stream in one direction and the incoming received entirely on the other hand, where not expected. For example, began to make speeches on the radio – people started coming in leaflets, sent personal letters to potential customers – send responses to advertisements in the media, which did not exist. These are all real examples from Russian companies.


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