Ben had not “branded” itself in the market. We wrote a summary of new professionals to “sell the real deal.” Let me introduce you to the authentic Ben: Financial Results-Oriented Mr. Executive with proven success as an effective change agent in the development and advancement of both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. A practice team builder capable of reaching targets Through a combination of entrepreneurship and “outside the box” thinking. “Experience encompasses all aspects of finance and accounting functions for manufacturing and distribution industries with the proven ability to consistently impact improved productivity and profitability. “See the difference? now know that the size of firms and industries in Ben wants to work. We understand more about your personality and the kind of culture and environment in which it would be more effective. We also see is more interested in driving end results then reporting on end results. Home Depot is full of insight into the issues.

Can you imagine how this kind of statement would help bring an opportunity you really want? In the first statement, Ben could easily have attracted the jobs that have been stuck behind a desk to put out monthly reports and spreadsheets – something that would have left unfulfilled, unchallenged and underutilized. By the turn of his statement, Ben was placed to attract rapid change-oriented culture she craved, and the type and level of responsibility he wanted. Here is another point of interest. By identifying himself as a financial executive father, Ben is also sending a message of compensation. Who do you think commands a higher salary – an accountant / comptroller or a Sr. Executive? If you want to attract what you like and want, you have to put them into circulation. By incorporating information about your personality, level of experience, basic skills and interest, you can effectively advertise what you want to attract the best fit on the four critical areas …

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