SEO Buster

Often, we read, as we enter the forums dedicated to internet positioning, about issues that relate to fees, site programming, algorithms and mysterious tags. The intention is to get help to position our sites better. But he does not know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or programming, to enter these sites for clues about what is best for promoting our sites, there are few certainties but huge doubts they are awake. If we turn to the tutorials, believing that starting from the bottom up, so humble, would be easier, we are also wrong. On the one hand it is necessary to invest an enormous amount of time reading about things that ultimately we are not interested. We do not want to learn to program in HTML, we just want to leave our site listed in the top ten when performing a search of our keywords. Furthermore, as you must have some knowledge of these issues, when we try to implement what we read on these sites for beginners.

We resort to an agency that handles our online marketing campaigns and optimize our sites. But that’s beside the point, at least for now. The investment is huge, and takes several months to see the first results. Go back to thinking about doing it ourselves, but we do not see a viable solution. There is now a Google program that will give us all the tools to improve sampling site, making it compatible with browsers, will allow us to carry on a semi automated our site to thousands of search engines and give us the tools to measure progress in terms of our site a positioning and traffic. This program for Google is the ideal solution for those without technical training, because its interface is so very simple that will be possible to follow the instructions the program provides Google with just a few clicks. Make sure your keywords are appropriate. Compare your site with the competition. Check out what position when seeking listing your keywords. Take steps to change what can be improved in terms of program and make sure you have a hundred percent compatible site with search engine bots. Get all this and more with IBP, Internet Business Promoter.

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