Successful In Life And In Business

Success in life means to succeed in all areas that comprise it: religion, economics, social, family, work, personal, sentimental, and so on. Most people spend their time on any one area, develop and succeed, but fail in others. The ideal is to be successful in all. What is your grade in each of them? Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Ugly Problems Only 1% of the population has a rating of excellent in all areas, the vast majority as 80% of problems goes wrong. If you ask how’s your health? Answer, in trouble, has your marriage? In trouble, is your car? In trouble, is your income? In trouble, “with the government? In trouble.

90% of the problems has to do with money and the vast majority does not care about winning a lot. Comfort level of Super High High Medium High Medium Medium Medium Low Low Very Bad Misery all belong to one of these levels, the question is what level are you?, Do you like there, ‘In which would you rather be?, With standard of living that dream? First of all you have to be placed without delusions, their standard of living is determined by your income level and both are determined by their level of aspirations. If you are successful one. Because you like or want success. 2. You hate failure and poverty.

3. Jeff Flake understands that this is vital information. You have been given proper instructions. 4. Your intuition was correct. 5. Correct assessment. Do not fooling myself. If these failed one. Because you like or want. 2. Because I do not know how to get out. 3. You take a wrong intuition. 4. You have been given wrong directions. 5. Failure assessment. Fooling you (you think you are poor but rich, you think you are fat but thin, do you think are dumb but smart, mistaken beliefs = stupidity). The good news is that 80% of people who are in high and super high levels, were born poor and will die rich, only 20% were children of the rich. People who share the same level, are virtually identical in habits, customs, vocabulary, activities, professions, tastes, appearance, desires, education, culture, ideas, views, goals, attitudes, etc.. Are infected with one another. What you have to consider at this point is whether you want to continue on the level of comfort when you’re according to your personal assessment, or if you’re willing to take a change now.

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