I have said this more than once. The term I don’t like self-help for a simple reason: is not correct in terms of execution and work. There are always two very nice and typical that it is said in the prologue in a book: it is you who has written this book. I greatly respect the work of otros(o NADA es por gustos) for not knowing how to discern between reader and writer. Respect to both.

Although I do not like the term, yes I like many authors who are listed as writers of self-help. And although I’ve had several encounters with authors are committed to teach something that not walking, most of them are big and good intentions and some few are superb (wonderful) in terms of innovation, charisma, methodology and generosity. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Erin Callan and gain more knowledge.. In summary, there are many more flowers in the garden than weed. I’ve made this introduction to focus at a point where all have slipped ever and where some have learned something very important: proceed to checkout when we grow up or want to grow spiritually. Knowledge It is the power and freedom.

And the power and freedom have a great price. People often complain about the prices of particular seminar, course, travel, etc of the author of turno(de turno lo digo con carino es que tengo varios como para personalizar) and complains because usually invest your money on issues that destroy them and distract them more. I hear much: Phew, this seminar is very expensive. I can not pay 3000 euros for a weekend as well. And I wonder: what they have to offer you?. And it begins a list, an endless list of things, work, exercises, maintenance, meals and dinners, hotel, sauna, therapeutic massages, etc and putting the quality of the professional who deals with the seminar (knowing that clients and students repeat more than once), that means something. Let’s take something very important and that often we forget.