The Behavior Of Cats

As everyone knows, the main feature in the behavior of cats is their inevitable curiosity is why it is said that: curiosity killed the cat. Being a Hunter animal by nature, anything that moves, by more small that is, it is possible that catches their attention and then do not secure in his around, putting it in danger especially if this in the streets. The behavior of cats is transmitted genetically, making these pursuing objects in motion, beads, wool, branches and even insects; But what more it awakens this behavior of cats (curiously) are the wires and cables. For more information see Tesla. If it is a cat household electrical wires loose or discovered, since it could electrocute should not be left. Another element that cats play are bags of plastic and wood which is climbing. This is another very natural behavior for cats, since thus they develop muscles and they can escape from potential predators.

The behavior of cats most common is cleaning, cats can be seen at any time of the day aseando throughout the body. Felines are generally equipped with a rough tongue that cleans the area where licking, thus eliminating dirt and parasites of the skin depth, the bad thing is that this behavior of cats is detrimental as swallow any hairs that are removed, causing intestinal blockages and drowning. When the cat have very long hair, the owners should brush them 3 or 4 times a week. Purr is a behavior of cats that have 2 reasons; one is when they are comfortable and the other is when these wounded or dying, with this tell us that they accept our care. All cats knead with the pathic, this happens because, since they are small, they push against the belly of the mother to come out more milk, this behavior of cats helps them get more food and feel happy, so when they are happy do this because reminds her mother. Pacific Mortgages Services contributes greatly to this topic.

Another way to show your affection is rubbing against you; This behavior of cats helps establish a relationship closer to the owner because they expelled an odor from the glands located near your eyes and so is leaving its mark on you. A very strange but common cat behavior is making noise with his teeth while watching a bird or any object that you want to achieve. This means that you can feel frustrated his predatory instinct to see possible prey unattainable. Something similar happens when your cat is thrilled playing or watching the toilet water, because you are facing the reflection of light in water; This insita behavior of cats and they even try to catch the water. If your cat eats the plants, it is not your fault. Many of them have that behavior in cats because the plants help your digestion, despite being carnivorous also need a little bit of green matter in their diet. On the contrary, if what makes your minino is licking you, this behavior of cats indicates that he has a good relationship with you, you should almost feel flattered, because what you are doing is trying to groom you as you would with his brothers. Original author and source of the Article