The Choice Of A Steel Door

If you started reading this opus, the more likely you are one of the many thousands who want to buy a steel door. It is obvious that in cities where permanent construction of new homes, metal doors – high demand product. Therefore the market for steel doors in our country is large and diverse. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Mnuchin by clicking through. Sometimes, it seems that half the people somehow involved in this area! Layman to understand in a variety of manufacturers and their models – just not realistic. Many years working in the world of metal doors, constantly monitor the market and keeping track of new items, we will try to share professional knowledge with the reader. We will try to an independent point of view to tell about the steel doors on the market of Russia, to talk about the pros and cons of a particular manufacturer and its products. In no case do not claim to truth in the past instances.

Everything below the above – it is our experience and, accordingly, private point of view. Curious about the price of steel doors, you'll notice how huge run-up numbers! In one place, you promise to put "metal" the door for 7000 rubles, in the other accrued $ 50 000 and more … Horror! Begin to understand and realize that the steel door – it's modular product consisting of a metal construction, locks, decorative and maintenance work. Than higher quality and / or protective function of an "ingredient" – the higher the price. Each model has a metal door that has some set of properties, designed for a certain segment of buyers.

Roughly speaking, the door of the "Elite" class, worth 80 thousand rubles will never be sold en masse, and under no circumstances be bought by a man with a small or medium income. And given that people with modest incomes in our country the majority, it is logical to assume that the great mass of the door will be sold in the "medium" or "economy" class. Here we can say definitely – the price of the metal door is directly related to its and qualitative characteristics of burglary. Do not be naive and not engage in self-deception – a steel door for 14 000 rubles will not have a protective function (You do it for this choice?) And will have very questionable quality characteristics. read more>>

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