The Land

In 2008, until where if it can observe, this increase already it is powerful is doubting the nossainteligncia. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gen. Mark Milley on most websites. We have to give one is enough in this everything. The life of our children depends daatitude that to take, in case that contrary now, if to arrive up to 2050, will elesvivero in a true hell. Learn more at: Federal Reserve Bank. The Land will be so hot that to aqueleser itself that the God is contrary to want to come to live here,> it will be able to inhabit numaboa and nor it will need to set on fire thing some. Already we will have made this porele.

Metaphors to the part, the world and the life in it will be insuportvel. Increase of the average temperatures, rise of the oceans with dedesabrigados billions, food lack, hurricanes, become, cyclones, storms, each time more intense and frequent Millions, talvezbilhes of deaths the hundreds of thousand that already we had, only em2008, had not served to give the example of what in the wait if not mudarmosnossas attitudes? It is this that in the wait. we go to be inert dominant vendoos to destroy everything to only keep a sistemamaterialista and egoist supported in oil, coal and exploration danatureza? With rich, poor, dominant and dominated? For the love deDeus, we are all brothers, friends of day in one walked moral deevoluo and spiritual. That progress was this that nossahumanidade created? Progress that is in leading to the ruin? God is trying helping in them, the problem is does not want to listen to Its aid. They consider more intelligent queAquele that in it gave the life to them and believe to be capable to decide until mesmoo impossible, to any time We know that we must use clean energies and you renewed such as aelica the solar one. We have to stop to use fsseis fuels, comopetrleo and coal.

We must stop to deforest the forests and to initiate to arecuperar them immediately. We must make selective garbage collection, stop of poluir rivers, lakes, seas. At last we must take atitudesimediatas and effective that require comprometimento of all setoresda society, also of the government. This text is being well clearly on the future that in the wait. Vamosficar inert seeing the World to finish? We go to allow that the life if acabenesse Plan? To be sincere, the World will not finish. It will only react! The end to deexterminar its predators, that had not obtained to live in harmony comele. We are the predators. We are the parasites of the biggest workmanship of Deus.Em this fight of forces all know who will leave victorious person. Later, it exempts of us, the Land if> are wanting. After all what to think of a society that leaves its brothers morrerempor food lack and that makes war for economic questions


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