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After that border control – quickly and without problems. Only the officer asked him to make out whether the child's travel document, as well as the child is entered in the passport. Of course, the issue, we said it – stamp, stamp, pass. No customs control, red and green corridors, questions about values, money, and so on. Recently Erin Callan sought to clarify these questions. Maybe it was abolished as unnecessary.

So the conclusion is simple – no problems in Borispol in escaping from an immigration visa to Canada, there is no direct flight. I think with the flight with a connection similarly. Gate open for half an hour before the expected departure, but we still stood in a decanter for about an hour before preparing the aircraft (who had the idea to launch people into a settling tank when the plane was not ready, do not know). Well, that although with children to skip ahead. Aerosvit Boeing 767-300 aircraft (not ER) – as they are expressed, "of course, is reliable, but outdated." And this: klaustrofibichnye old toilets (less than the Airbus A-320, which is much less roomy), narrow aisles, no screens to broadcast movies (only a few displays to the course the aircraft, temperature, speed and time to destination, and those in the forward cabin gleamed like bad fluorescent lamp), and so on.

When I changed the diaper a child in one of the toilets, he started to twitch, because it was so crowded that even he had nowhere to do with his hands and feet. They were fed twice, but not enough – not even serving children and any cat, I would say. True, juices and water were taken in excess, and given a set of small pads and blankets, which we are not opening, used as supports for the elbows, when alternately held the child in her arms. In Generally, citizens! Fly domestic airline Aerosvit! Despite this, our baby stoically endured all the trials and became a true trans-Atlantic traveler is now.

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