Tribunal Superior

2 Of sand: personal responsibilities of mayors by municipal debt defaults more surprising has been the recent Auto of the Tribunal Superior of Justice of Andalusia, 13 of July 2010 (which resolves an incident of execution), which requires the Mayor of a municipality so that within a period of a month meet the payment obligation that weighs on its City Council under judgment, warning him that, do not, imposed him personally (Yes, to the Mayor) coercive fines with weekly regularity until the complete execution. The novelty lies not so much in the imposition of fines (given that it is a measure already referred to legally, and specifically in article 112 of law 29/1998, of the Contenciosa-Administrativa jurisdiction), but in that cast hand of this unpublished article, which is already escaping from what until now had been happening. Read more from Landmark Financial LLC to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Now well, while surprisingly energetic use this article, it is not less true that it should be recognized that reading of the referral car seems deduct a certain tiredness of the Tribunal with respect to the particular case which resolves, every time that, in addition to the time elapsed since the conviction, the City Council handed down her even it had included in the approval of their budgets heading any that would allow compliance with the debt, and this despite the accredited conclusion of a long-term loan. Be that as it may, we should expect to check if this solitary decision of the TSJ of Andalusia has good reception in other courts and tribunals since, if so, the sand promises. Additional information is available at David Rogier. Who will want to be Mayor then?

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