Turkish Investments

1. By its economy – Very good economic health:The GIP 2003:305.000 million, the GIP 2008:742.000 million, 7% of half annual increase of the economy – Very attractive Country for the direct foreign investments – 5 greater economy of the world. 2. Population – 72 million people – With the greater number of young people of the 27 European countries – Average Age of 28,5 years – 61% of the population are less than 35 years old 3. Qualified and profitable manpower – More than 24,7 million professional young people – About 450,000 graduated university ones in 2008 4. Climate of investments – Dynamic private Sector that increased in a 179% its exports from 2003 to the 2008.

– More than 21,000 companies of international capital – Egalitarian Treatment to all the investors – International Arbitration 5. Under most conditions Craig Menear would agree. Infrastructure – Facilities of marine transport cheap and very developed. – Routes of transport established and direct deliveries to the majority of the countries of the EU. 6. Central location – Natural Bridge enters East and the West. – Easy access to 1,500 million consumers who add a total of 25 trillions of USD of the GIP (Europe, Near East and Asia) 7. Power runner and point of connection of Europe – Point of connection of the energy that ties East and the West – Turkey can now transport 121 million annual tons of petroleum.

Once finalized the projects in course it will be able to transport 221 million tons. 8. Reduced taxes – Tax on the rent of the societies was reduced from a 30% to a 20%. – The tax on the individual rent goes from 15% to 35% – Numerous fiscal advantages and incentives that can include the total or partial exemption of the tax on the rent of subsidy, the allocation of the rent or subsidy of until 80% of the expenses in S.S of the companies. – New law of support to innovation and to the R+D 9. International treaties of trade: – Part of the Customs Union of the EU from 1996 -To part (ALC) has already signed other 12 agreements of free commerce and another they are 11 more in process 10. A great internal market (data 2008) – 30 million users of Internet – 66 million users of moving bodies – 44 million users of credit cards – 79 million users of airlines – 26.5 million arrivals of international tourists 11. Excellent relations with the European Union – Its access to the European Union is being transacted from the 2005 – This has caused that the commercial relations with the EU are now of a 47% of the total of the outer commercial relations. Original author and source of the article


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