Very Irresistible Fragrances

The perfume industry is rapidly growing. Hundreds of fragrances released each season to market, in a competition to attract the public consumer of fragrances that already resembles a war. In this context, differentiate themselves from others is vital, and originality, the most sought-after attribute. The big cosmetic companies marketers working day and night looking for new attributes that make their fragrances in true objects of desire. Limited editions, exclusive packaging, unusual combinations in the composition of perfumes: anything goes. And this quest for originality has opened the door to the world of the creation of essences to hitherto unpublished notes on the preparation of perfumes.

Water sea, brownie, sea shells, blood and even hair of goat poke today between the notes of variety of perfumes and colognes. Gourmet notes, in particular, are gaining ground in recent years. Today it is possible to find a variety of fragrances that play with the idea of an edible scent that evokes sensuality of the Act of devour our favorite dessert. The inclusion of a note of the composition of a fragrance milk may sound strange, but has been shown to work very well. Milk, with its warm and natural aroma, evokes feelings of home comfort and softness.

According to experts, this note melts perfectly with the sweet notes of any origin, forming an extremely attractive combo. Many brands have already included this note in their fragrances. Givenchy, for example, chose it as part of its regular Very Irresistible fragrance 2008 limited edition: Summer Cocktail. A Spiced and aromatic fragrance with notes of rose, mint, cumin seed and milk. Unusual fragrance garnered excellent reviews among both specialists and not a few fans of Very Irresistible. Tom Ford, the great provocateur, the genius behind the resurrection of the traditional house Gucci, included a note of milk warm, soft and sensual, in the composition of Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, the most luminous and sparkling version of his fatal elixir Black Orchid. Voile de Fleur retains the intoxicating dark side of original perfume, with its notes of truffle, Plum, Orchid and black pepper. But it adds a bright side of white flowers, gardenias and lilies, which lighten the fragrance and, in combination with the warm milk, create a Stela, addictive, fascinating and sensual. Andrea Andorra is a beauty Adviser for Andorra is the shop of reference that allows you to purchase securely online.

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