At the movies

This brief inventory weblog (or whatever) should take this 2008 rowed the end of your trip, have already passed first dramatic actors such as Carlos Lemos and Picazo or angel Rafael Navarro, all of them examples of Honduras Packaging style and interpretation. Also first player, but in the comic genre, Manolo Gomez Bur recently took center stage in ‘Lady Filstrup. They have also appeared characteristic of great comedy, like the great Antonio Riquelme or unique Goyo Lebrero and Valeriano Andres, Felix Fernandez, or the huge, extraordinary in every genre. The film Amistad used several shots from inside the State House. One scene included the Chamber of the House of Representatives.
State House appears on the Martin Scorsese film The Departed. In the last scene, a rat appears in the background the dome of the Capitol.

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