In 1786, one of the most important and influential passages of legislation in the history of America occurred in Richmond while he was a temporary state capital, known as the Statue for Religious Freedom in Virginia. Written by Thomas Jefferson and sponsored by James Madison, the statute was the basis for the separation of church and state, I have the freedom of religion for all Americans, and the First Amendment in the Constitution. The importance of this decision is recognized annually by the President of the United States when the January 16th National Day of established religious freedom.
The Virginia State Capitol building was designed by Thomas Jefferson to be completed in 1788. It is the second oldest capitol in the United States that is still active (that Maryland is the oldest) and was the first U.S. government building built in Roman classical style architecture, laying the foundation for other state houses and government buildings federal (including the White House and The Capitol) in Washington D. C. The state capitol is one of thirteen U.S. Capitol with a.
Richmond soon emerged as a major industrial center and a hub of transportation and commerce. George Washington requested and received support from the state government of Virginia to the creation of the James River Canal and Kanawha, the first system of channels established in United States. The channel allows the transit of goods and services from the James River is navigable from cascades connecting Richmond Richmond and eastern Virginia with the west. Thanks to this, Richmond became the headquarters of some of the largest manufacturing firms in the country, including iron and steel mills, the largest of its kind in the south. traffic in the canal reached its peak in the 1860s, after it was slowly losing importance with the arrival of the railroads, allowing Richmond to become a major railroad crossroads, becoming the first in which lugarr is built via a triple rail. The Canal officially ceased operations in 1880 with some of its parts rebuilt and restored in the late 1990s, stimulating tourism and economic development along the old route of the canal.

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John McCain called Washington “a Hollywood for ugly people.” Although DC places brains for beauty, we managed a few people on Capitol Hill where the “hot-ish” look break the mold … at least … Sponsored Topics: John McCain – Washington – United States – Capitol Hill in Washington DC – Hollywood Los Angeles California
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The Obama administration has a detailed proposal to the Congress yesterday for creating an agency to oversee almost all aspects of consumer loans, but the breadth of its responsibilities is to set the stage for a fierce clash on Capitol Hill.
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If you do not watch C-SPAN Friday a week ago, chances are pretty good you missed the cap and the trade auction which took place on Capitol Hill.
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