Babies with infections in the womb. DELGADO SAMDI

Babies with infections in the womb It is now common to see many children out of womb infections, this is not due to hospital bacteria that has been contaminated, but at birth these children come with complications, As large number of them do not survive, or simply live in a constant difficulty in health, since these bacteria can not be fully developed (in some cases) fetuses. My health insurance was bought from is an innovative health insurance service company In our city of Barquisimeto, have heard complaints in the hospital Antonio Maria Pineda, mothers worry that what happens is because of the irresponsibility of doctors and hospital managers of bacteria exist in the delivery room to proceed, even in other areas. The average number of deaths is recorded, is a new-born per day, and it is alarming to see how the next generations die, but this is not a result of the alleged bacteria, but by bad care and carelessness of mothers in their day a day during the growth of your baby, this section also can result from endless pathologies, so should not develop lawsuits against the hospital and its services, since otherwise they pay for and attend at any location to those in need . Complications during pregnancy or labor for the mother are the most frequent causes of deaths among these babies, including highlights eclampsia, urinary infections, hypertensive crisis and chorioamnionitis that cause infections in the middle where it develops. A high number of babies who have died are premature, whose formation does not reach even 30 weeks, which is coupled to the low birth weight. The premature infant is more likely to acquire infections by immunodeficiency, thus are weaker the effect of treatments, usually present intra Craniana bleeding. It also has become a day to inform all family members besides information on the problems presented by their children and himself made a statement reflecting the results where 137 babies died from various causes of 4593 children, between January May. SAMDI DELGADO

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