Contemporary History of the United States (1980’presente)

The morning of the 11-S.
In August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. President George H. W. Bush demanded the immediate, as top government officials they had economic relations with oil companies in Kuwait and organized a military and political coalition military forces in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Followed by the formation of a democratic government in the Kuwaiti regime imposed in previous days to justify the war to the global vision. The air campaign led by the U.S. drive for a month. The Allies achieved their military objective, but they allowed Saddam Hussein to remain in power.
On the morning of 11 September 2001, two of the four planes hijacked by Al-Qaida struck the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, third in the Pentagon, killing more than 3,000 people, becoming the worst terrorist attack in American history. (currently discussing the facts of the attack) After this, the U.S. declared its fight against terrorism, launched an invasion of Afghanistan with the purpose of overthrowing the Taliban and its terrorist connections, achieved in less than a month initiated the conflict. Later, citing the existence of weapons of mass destruction ‘which to date have not been found or never existed’ an invasion of Iraq began. Also cut back civil liberties in the U.S. and approved the USA Patriot Act president of the Human Rights Commission of the Bar Association, Irma Lozada, said that the sequel to the Patriot Act threatens democracy. “This is the end of democracy as we know,” he said. “11s has given a blank check to the federal government, to make nonsense of all that the founding fathers tried to late 18th century with the constitutional amendments in terms of human and constitutional rights of freedom of expression, assembly , assembly, organization, and to require the government information about his actions and seek injunctive relief “, he said. Lozada said the proposal strengthens the powers of security agencies to detain suspects without constitutional guarantees, as in the case of Puerto Rican Jose Padilla, suspected members of al-Qaeda detainees in Guantanamo. The lawyer I think that would be established in the U.S., and therefore in Puerto Rico, a new version of McCarthyism, a term born in the 50s with bell persecution against communism. “They will go after the Patriots and left Puerto Rico, all persons who propose such peace. It justifies all persecution against the dissident. It is a redefinition of McCarthyism for the 21st century, a revisit to the dark world of persecution against all that is promoting new ideas or positions against militarism and U.S. imperialism. “The constitutional lawyer, Alejandro Torres, he added that the measure provides a basis federal legal authorities to prosecute and punish political dissidents sector. Same as above were listed as subversive or armed actions of pro-independence groups, now we are going to put the label of domestic terrorism. With the hysteria that there is one should expect further mechanisms control, and persecution against the independence movement representation .
With just weeks to begin military action in Iraq, Saddam Hussein at that time served as head of state, escaped and hid in the mountains of southern Iraq. He was later found in a small cave dug into the ground where he was rescued sick and imprisoned, being judged by their repressive actions (and even mass executions) with our own people of Iraq, especially for religious and political. Saddam Hussein was executed early hours of 30 December 2006. The victories in Afghanistan and Iraq were made through U.S. military and technological superiority. Currently, employment in these countries are engulfed in insurgency and a profound rejection of the U.S. population into the army, been accused, tried through videos showing torture of Iraqi citizens for violations of human rights. Due partly to this, in 2006 legislative elections the Republican President Bush lost control of the House of Representatives against the Democratic Party.
Since 2004 the race of African-American Senator Barack Obama was meteoric. His promises of change and its famous slogan “Yes, we can” gave him worldwide fame and take him to the White House after winning a considerable advantage in the 2008 elections, becoming one of the Presidents of the USA that got more strength in the polls.

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