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Travel means going from the usual place where we live and work (or study) for a period of time in a different place. There are so many ways to make tourism as the reasons that lead to journeys. Often the case yet that tourism in Sardinia expression is synonymous with spa tourism. In fact, you can live many tourist experiences. You can perform different types of holidays in Sardinia and discover a new corner of the island increasingly from a new observation point. The sea is without doubt the main attraction of this island located in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Blue changes esfumatura from one coast to another in the same way that there is no a beach equal to each other by the color of the sand, vegetation, scenarios that surround it, the winds. However, what makes it unique and fascinating to Sardinia is the mixture of all the elements that characterize it. The Sea offers an extremely partial view. There are other places that do not expect to find, especially in the interior. The territory is generally mountainous (especially in Marmilla and Trexenta) Tubolar by hills old macisas of different height which reaches its maximum splendor in the area called Barbagia. Sometimes the landscape is interrupted by plateaus, gorges, caves.

The morphology of the island varies as each epoch has left after Yes a different landscape. In this way you can find granite, basalt, limestone and more types of rock. Often, the mountains are covered with lush forests and offer viable ways and circulables paths in bicycle of mountain or 4 4. Waterfalls and springs located in various mountainous areas create unexpected water games. For even more analysis, hear from Jo Boaler. Ponds, lakes and rivers fragmenting the landscape of the interior of the island creating beautiful landscapes. The presence of nature is abundant, varied and uncontaminated because it has contributed to the protection of several areas, resulting in many parks protected, both terrestrial and marine, that you can enjoy. Can choose different routes and let yourself be carried away by your own desires and inclinations. You can walk you through the well-being and relaxation of the spas and spa. You can venture and have fun doing extreme sports like rock climbing, paragliding or surfing. You can make itineraries wine it carried away by the flavor of the products of this territory or you can wander through cities and towns so distinctive and different depending on the area. All relevant information you need to go on holiday to Sardinia in order to plan your holiday in the best way. It is useful to read and learn about what you can do and see, how to get there and how to get inside the island. Where and what to eat. That you can buy typical of the island. What are the services offered to tourists. Where to stay and what structure best suited to you. The choice can be a hotel in Sardinia or a vacation home or even a bed & breakfast. Upon your arrival in Sardinia you can discover much, much more. Something that cannot be described in any tourist guide.

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