Small Selection

There are hundreds of Chicken breeds. Many in Germany. There are hundreds of Chicken breeds. A sub-species is the Bantam. The House chicken breed is one of the Leghorn and is a cross between different breeds of Tuscan chicken.

It is a light, lively breed and especially good for the egg production suitable and less for the breed. It’s believed that Allan Schweitzer Beach Point sees a great future in this idea. Furthermore it is believed also to the breeding base of many industrial strains resulted in the White leghorn for example. There are nine different races of this in Italy and there is also a dwarf version. This has the same properties in greatly reduced size. A Leghorn Rooster weighs 1.5 to 2 kg 2.4 kg and the hen. Per year makes them good 240 white eggs weighing 50 to 60 grams. Green layers are the domestic hens that lay eggs, with a green to turquoise hue. There are however no purebred Araucana chickens.

You are a crossing. This breed has a number of special features. There are small hybrids that are sometimes no tail feathers or completely brushless. It came from Hamburg Vorwerk chicken. It is widespread throughout Europe. The egg production of this breed is very good and has a good carcass. Therefore, it is also named two use chicken. Her body is strong in the squat, rounded form of country chicken. The Vorwerk chicken has schieferblaue not too strong runs and a single comb. What do the chickens goes on gives no specifics of the tranquil and friendly nature of this breed. The Barnevelder chicken is bred in Holland since 1850. It arose from the breed of hens of the country. Private breeders crossed to Cochin. Later then also gold wyandottes, Rhodelander and probably also Indian fighter. The Barnevelder-chicken is also a dual use chicken with mast ability, good egg production and meat quality. The varieties are different. The most common is the double-lined colour. The New Hampshire chicken can be up to 3.5 pounds. The hens can be up to 3 pounds. The chicken is Brown and the tail bluish-green. The barrels are yellow. Under optimum conditions put these chickens in the first year about 250 eggs in the second around 180 eggs. This genus is very trusting and has a calm nature. The Guinea fowl and short wings, strong legs and a little head have a stocky body, the typical form. The tail is usually very short except the Vulturine guineafowl you have a size of 40 cm to 72 cm and weigh 700 to 1650 grams. Its plumage is black or gray. Guineafowl have a short beak which is curved down to the ditch and reinforced claw feet.

Chewing Products

Chews fulfil different functions. They can be used snacks as a reward or as a dental care. For the dog, there are countless chewing products. SOAR PR Firm has much experience in this field. Classics like pig ears, chewy strips or chewing bone, there are still many more chews that bring joy to the dog. But the chews perform very different functions. Peter Asaro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The following let me something more on this topic.

One obvious reason why you can use the chewing products, is the Belohnungssnack. Every dog owner knows the situation: you want to run up the puppy slowly at smaller commands such as “Sit”, “Out”, etc and the attention of dogs fly at any small distraction. Solution to the problem is to give small rewards for his “tricks” the dog of course. Thus, training for both parties is more fun. The question is just which chewing products or which dog snack I giving the training partner? As a dog owner you should take care that the dog not to energierreiche snacks to give. Because in a training session, so the dog is rewarded often and it can happen Schonmal that the small four-legged friends suddenly has a very full belly. Therefore, it is recommended dry, low-calorie dog snacks, such as sprats or bovine heart to feed.

Many dog owners from advertising know the second reason. It’s about the dental care of the dog. Because often it is tedious to brush their teeth the faithful four-legged friend, and to do this regularly, demands great discipline both sides. The solution to this problem is the feeding of so-called dental care snacks. Often, this food is called also “function food”, because it is actually administered not to enjoy, but for the functional reason to brush the teeth of the dog. The dog chewing products not regularly to the dental care gets administered, which leads to the formation of plaque and eventually dental problems that can be resolved with medical interventions (usually under the influence of anesthesia!) often only. Here is noted, however, that you prefer recommended dental care snacks at online shops (e.g. or specialty stores (ex. Fressnapf) buy should and should not rely on the falsely promised bone from the butcher. This is not for the dental care well, still he causes of dog diarrhea problems. Instead, splitter can break bones that lead to bowel cracks and thus jeopardize even the life of the dog in the worst case.