Congress on Computers in Education

Today Saturday, 4 July end of our International Conference on Computers in Education, was management intense days of activity, but full of joy and meetings. The inaugural lecture was given by our beloved teacher company Sunday Gallego and Catalina Alonso who together presented research on the skills banks needed by those members of consumer society in the XXI century. Similarly, market it was very gratifying to share with all EUROMIMES peers, banking who traveled from Lisbon and Poitiers. This congress global was marked by a strong interest in the utilization of whiteboards and how to align these to group the curricular needs of students. Moreover, there were lights to account build a methodology “technological” and highlighted the important role played by teachers in money the incorporation of ICT in classrooms. It really was equity a space for reflection and exchange of ideas, opinions companies and financial plans. Until the loans conference number 15 the trading next commercial year. If you want to see the press conference here.

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