Cuanta Proteina’ Ferrugia se pronuncia!

The High Protein Myth- Exposed Again I hate to say ‘I told you so . But’ I told you so. For years now I have been getting a lot of flak from other fitness industry group health insiders and so called experts because I exposed the great protein myth at every chance I got. They all either thought I was insane or were upset that I was blowing the whistle on health their scam and costing them tons group insurance of money every year. But now, due to a recent study that everyone is talking about, people are starting to change their tune and realize what I humana insurance have been insurance companies telling you all along’ You DON’T need 2-3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to build muscle. It’s a lie promoted by the supplement and meat and dairy industry. That’s it. Just another insurance way to make money. But hardly a scientific fact. Get an affordable health insurance package from can reduce your payment on health insurance Recently Tarnopolsky performed a study in which weight trained individuals consumed a drink containing either: 5, 10, 20 or 40 grams family medical insurance of protein immediately after their workout. Each of small business insurance the groups increased protein synthesis, but their dental insurance results were dose dependant. Up to 20 grams, that is. While the 20 gram group significantly increased protein synthesis over the 10 gram group, the 40 gram group did not significantly increase protein synthesis over the 20 gram group. So any more than 20-30 grams of health plan protein at one sitting isn’t necessarily going to benefit you in any significant way . The conclusion to be drawn from this most recent study is what I have been saying all along’ You don’t need all that protein. In fact, eating too much will force health plans your body to burn protein instead of fat medical insurance for energy and can make getting leaner a more difficult process. Twenty to thirty grams of protein, every few hours is all that’s needed to build muscle. For most people that will be no more than about 150 grams per day. Before I ever recommended a lower protein intake to you guys I tried several experiments on myself and my clients for years. Back in the early 90’s I slowly increased my protein intake all the way up to 450 grams per day. I also recruited a few training partners and clients for the experiment. And after eight weeks nothing happened. Then I tried experimenting with protein cycling and went on low protein for a while, thinking aetna insurance that if I desensitized my body to protein I would grow like a week upon reintroducing it. individual insurance Well, that never happened. But during the low protein phase I actually gained muscle and lost fat. I even remember my brother commenting one day, about three weeks into it that he had never seen me in better shape. Even after healthcare plan experiencing better results with less protein it shames me to admit that insurance plans there were several times during the 90’s where someone would make a convincing enough argument to make me try super high aetna health protein again.

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