Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to improve physical appearance. Unless the cosmetic surgery is required as a result of an accident, injury or birth defect, it is likely that the procedure is not covered by your insurance. Although cosmetic surgery can change your appearance and give you confidence to face the world with a whole new attitude, not change who you “really” are inside. If you were lazy and unmotivated before your new nose, it is very likely to still be lazy and unmotivated after. The most common procedures are cosmetic surgery facelifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, “nose” and “gets belly”, but this is not the measure of what a plastic surgeon can do for you. Cosmetic surgery is performed by a physician who has received specialized training in plastic or cosmetic surgery.

When choosing a doctor always make sure that have been certified either by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (SPA) or the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABC). They should have the certification document to the hearing in his office. You may want to ask these questions when you are interviewing the doctor: How many times have you done this procedure? How long have you been doing this procedure? What are the best and worst case results I can expect from this procedure? What are the possible risks or complications of this procedure? What should I do to prepare for this procedure? How long do I have to lose work or normal social activity? How much pain or discomfort associated with this procedure? How much will this procedure cost? I need some kind of monitoring of treatment and included in the price? I need prescription drugs? Will my insurance cover all or part of the cost? Most cosmetic surgery doctors will have a book of “before and after” pictures that were taken from patients who have given their permission to be included in the book. Not only must we ask to see the book, but also ask if you can get a discount for taking their pictures added. One of the worst reasons to have a cosmetic surgery procedure performed is because “everyone is doing.” What may be appropriate for one of his friends may not be suitable for you. That’s why it’s important to have a frank discussion with your doctor before any procedure performed. Tell your doctor what your expectations and then listen very carefully to the answer. If you think you have a face lift is going to get a better job, then you may need to reconsider their thinking.

Most people’s lives do not change radically after cosmetic surgery is performed. In fact, there are often unexpected results that accompany cosmetic surgery. You may wonder why someone with so much money Barbara Streisand has never had her nose “fixed.” When I was younger I was told by his doctor to change the shape of her nose would alter her voice! The risk that Barbara was not willing to take. Cosmetic surgery should not be rushed into. Take your time, shop around for the best doctor and make sure you have a solid understanding of their expectations. Most likely you will have to live with the results of the procedure for the rest of his life.

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