Electromagnetic Lock

For this purpose, the door is installed an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock. The main difference between them lies in the fact that the electromagnetic lock when the power does not work (this is required for reasons of fire safety), so it is necessary to provide backup power, and organization was held in the 'his' people – to set an access control system for electronic keys or proxi-cards.? Electro-mechanical lock, usually on the outside and opens the key with the loss of power remains closed. In general, electromagnetic locks are more reliable and durable, but can not install them on every door. Also desirable to establish closer to carrying out a smooth closing doors for logged (when finisher must know the weight of the door) and the exit button – to open the door from the inside at the exit from the premises. With such a configuration diagram of the video door is: visitor came to the door, presses a button on outside panel, call is routed to a video monitor, which is known for its melodious sound and displays the image on the visitor's screen. User Video door off hook or presses the speakerphone button (if the tube no), and speaks with an incoming. In order to let the visitor enough, not getting up, click on a door located on the monitor. If the system is installed properly and electromagnetic lock adjusted closer, then? after the visitor enters, the door closes smoothly and lock on again.? For proper operation and implementation of all these functions must correctly install all equipment and its proper connection.

It is particularly important to establish and regulate electric lock, so that when you install it was not bias, and the plate in the closed position closely adjacent to each other. When using electromagnetic lock is strongly recommended to use the door closer to ensure the smooth running doors and no punches when it is closed. This will help ensure the reliability and longevity of electric lock. In addition, you must perform the full range of installation monitor, eyeliner power, grounding, cabling from the video monitor to the outside panel and other works. To eliminate interference by image ringing connection panels and cameras to carry out the coaxial cable, all the other wires should be the screen. It is better to entrust the full range of video door installation experienced installer, who will do everything quickly and efficiently, if you decide to buy a video phone and install it yourself, you must pay special attention to these requirements, and remember that a long and reliable work of all of the equipment depends on the quality of the trunk and neat and precise setting of all its constituent parts


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