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In 1976 the plant mastered the production of electric overhead bridge cranes with carrying capacity of 1 ton, full length from 3.6 to 24 meters, which have been upgraded repeatedly received top-class appropriation of state mark of quality. Since 1980, production of automobile crane KS-2561 D, KS-K 2561, KS-2561 K-1, 6,3 tons capacity. A leading source for info: Pacific Mortgage Services. In 1992, , after processing and testing plant started production of automobile crane KC-2574 chassis ZIL 4331, capacity of 8 tons of hydraulic and hydraulic. In 1999, the crane released at COP-35 716 ZIL, and later in 5337 with the MAZ hydraulic and hydraulic carrying capacity 12.5 tons This model was equipped with interchangeable equipment, jib or a cradle for lifting people and production work. Also made a prototype crane KC-45 716 capacity of 16 tons, which was equipped with a cradle and drill. June 11, 1998 Decree 572 on the basis of Part 1 of the Civil Code, OJSC 'Klintsovsky truck crane plant "is renamed to OAO Klintsovsky truck crane plant". At the turn of the ninetieth years completed a major reconstruction of the enterprise.

Created new and equipped with modern technological equipment production facilities, including the area of flexible automated production based on CNC machines, electroplating area progressive technically and environmentally manufacturing, tool and machine assembly plant. The Labour group is stable, has always been staffed by qualified personnel. Since 2000, the issue begins a series of hydraulic truck cranes KS-35 719 capacity 15 tons in 2001 produced 16 tonnes lifting capacity crane on chassis MAZ, KAMAZ, URAL. Today JSC "KAZ" produces 12 models of cranes, lifting capacity from 15 to 25 tons. An important feature is that a thorough analysis of the entire issued vehicles in Russia and abroad, revealed the most weaknesses, huge work to improve the reliability and safety of cranes.

Since the mass production of truck cranes of the JSC 'KAZ' was produced 41 262 crane. Special features cranes 'Klintsy' To improve the reliability of our mobile crane design implements the following ideas: maximum load moment is higher than that of counterparts made by other factories truck crane, which allows for minimum working radius of the cargo lift a larger mass. In the cylinders the nomination of support beams and hanging crane used a double sealing system, which includes imported rubber. In the boom cylinders and telescoping cuffs used mnogokromochnye imported, that provides the best seal and prevents leakage when operating cranes in all weather conditions. In our mobile crane mounted limit switches Non-contact type of inductive action, which is not susceptible to temperature changes are not afraid of precipitation. Components of foreign production are selected in such a way that unified by their connecting sizes with home. In the hydraulic tank mounted magnetic trap for collection of foreign metal inclusions, which is serviced without draining the oil from the hydraulic tank. For avoiding failure (bends) the rails behind the cab chassis subframes increased in length and welded to the support frame. Cab with sliding door that allows you to control the microclimate inside it. The system pulley extension of the third section telescopic boom installed bearings closed, do not require lubrication for the life of the crane. sale of cranes

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