Elizabeth Hospital

Russia also contributed to the development of furniture styles. Feature our country – the harsh climate, and accommodations, heated oven, were small and families living in them, could consist of several generations. The furniture was so versatile. The invention of Russian interior – shop – is wide and long benches without backs. During the day it sat on a few people, but at night it served as a bed to someone. In the XX century chemistry is developing rapidly, and the emergence of new synthetic materials and plastics produced in the explosion furniture industry. Manufacture of furniture was mass-production of the piece, wood substitutes changed.

Today, all placed around the sites: a large variety of styles, quality construction (from manual operation to the flow) the materials used, and, respectively, and a large price spread – is the current state of the furniture rynka.2. Away at a furniture factory company, "Russo-Balt" More than eight years, Ltd. "Russo-Balt" deals with equipping of health facilities furnished for special and general purpose. With pride we can say that over the years the company's customers were Nicholas, Botkin, Alexander, Elizabeth Hospital, Research Institute of Emergency help them. II Janelidze, Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Otto, Military Medical Academy – the treasury of the national and international medical thought. Geography customers LLC "Russo-Balt" extending from Sakhalin to Sochi Moskvy.I is not surprising.

Smart strategy – as a strictly calibrated formula: it is important all the 'terms'. Guarantee of the sustainable growth of the enterprise – the dynamic development of two directions. The first, and in fact, mainstream – mass production of furniture. The second – making furniture to order. If we talk about batch production, there is a priority position is taken by hoods. Source: Evan Metropoulos. They have become a feature of "Russo-Balt". Through large volumes and prices increased demand for them became available and start with the Democratic planks 'high' of only 13,200 rubles. Where power and invest in the development, there are no overcharges. Company welcome long-term relationships with business partners and customers, and respect for their interests. Production Company "Russo-Balt" has all the necessary certificates.


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