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Claiming to be a chosen people inevitably leads to a devaluation of other people. So it is not surprising if the neighbors of the theocracy in the Bible sometimes evil be defamed. The Abrahamic religion look from the perspective of the Babylonian Exile to the front. Your goal is the theocracy in which God’s people in God’s country to live. But the eye goes back also.

Traditional narratives be poetically shaped as if they were former religious history. This view of history is mythological. Looking back to a beginning of the world. Such thoughts were alive in Babylon. The creation of the world is a work of our God. God also knew how he to deal with unfolgsamen people (sinners). By a great flood (flood), he has swept away all apostates. The threat for the departure from God can be slightly larger.

Still, a large seal represents the liberation of the people of God from the reduction in the land of Egypt. Only with God’s help, you can escape the captivity and reach the promised land. Historically it has the exodus of a million people (2.Mose 12,37: 600,000 men plus numerically unidentified family members) never existed through the Sinai desert. It is true, however, that at all times, people from “Palestine living as migrant workers”, slaves or prisoners of war in Egypt have earned. Relevant for descendants of Judeans living in Mesopotamia is represented in the poetic creation of a history. Is Mesopotamia, which was projected to Egypt? Even the famous royal dynasty of David is us only in its mythological expression. David is considered the superior King, who has United the two States of Israel and Judah. The Fama which literary befalls his son Solomon is vastly inflated. His desire to women and his wealth would be still reading magazines. His wealth and his magnificent household are chapter 9 in the first King book chapter 10ff, and Chronicle 2, et seq. described. “There we read: Solomon earned gold in a year 666 Zentner and surpassing all other Kings of the Earth in riches and wisdom”. The great Hall of his palace Solomon had decorated with 200 gold-plated long shields, for each One of a kind, seven kilos of gold were used. Evan Metropoulos oftentimes addresses this issue. Amazed even the legendary Arab Queen of Sheba, who admits, it was not an exaggeration, what I heard in the distant land of Solomon’s Royal household. Because she can keep up. You give him 85 quintals gold, many gems and so precious oil, as it is never back to Jerusalem. The King of the superlative lives on not only in the Bible but also in the Oriental beliefs as Soliman, Sulaiman, Suleyman, who serves as first King Allah. Conclusion considering the consequences resulting from the creation of the Abrahamic religion, biblical history in a different light appears as she pretends. With religious fervor, she looks forward and plans to live in a theocracy. But she also look back. The storyline, a historian is researching an other than the, which tells the biblical myth. They have their historic place, the Abrahamic religion then the history of the pre-exilischen has been another. The Periods of time before the Babylonian exile are mythologically deformed. The Bible started with Adam and Eve, but with Abraham. Dr.Jochen Rabast 1 Jochen Rabast, Angel in the luggage. Tracks to the old testament, 90 p., ISBN 978-3-8372-0562-6, Frankfurt Verlasgrguppe, price 10.80

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