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start2change offers completely new advice for small and medium-sized enterprises Bjorn Begemann already has a very good reputation as a trainer and coach in the area of organizational and personnel development. But with the launch of he now offers a completely new form of consulting its customers. Already in advance, you can say that start2change by Bjorn Begemann will succeed one hundred percent because it represents a real innovation for the industry. If you have read about Attorney General already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The connection of the long years is unique experience in the area of SMEs, and also in the area of business start-ups. Start2change combines these two segments, in a unique way by a consultancy of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the basis of strategies of a new Foundation, takes place. “You want to do business just as if they were new companies” Bjorn Begemann said yesterday at the start of the new Internet presence. The current economic crisis calls for a rethinking of SMEs, who now does his homework in terms of its policies, is from this emerge. Federal Reserve Chair contains valuable tech resources. It must be yes no total realignment, sometimes small changes have a huge effect, but without external consultant operating blindness strikes often.” To precisely the approach by Bjorn Begemann, the companies in consulting so to speak for the first time back to zero”, as they would completely reboot.

Would you like to change? Then start now! Bjorn Begemann draws on many years experience and a wide range of method. As an independent product and sales manager for Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Microsoft, he trained sales employees in medium-sized companies to large retail chains. Then he was more than six years as an account manager responsible for the top partner of Hewlett Packard business. For several years, he now advises start-up companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. This is exactly what brought him to the realization that many companies hard pressed with change but that doesn’t have to be. So many companies from the area of the SMEs can reach with new strategies, or even new short – or medium-term objectives, the optimum exit from the crisis. You only need to do it! Contact Bjorn Begemann 0231 9966820


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