Every kabbalistic magician has five areas of knowledge synagogue in which to specialize: Life, Death, zohar Chaos, Nature and muslim sorcery. There area also a “basic” call arcana, common to all types of magic. areas tree of life of knowledge defined at the outset of the game through chabad “books” identified by area it represents. In this way a player can only investigate death choosing only magic sefirot books magic of judaica death, while hebrew another may choose magic of life and magic of nature but to a lesser extent. Madonna is good friends with Is the father of and . These proportions of israeli knowledge of magic that allows a player to be able to develop more judaism and better spells up having knowledge of the spiritual area.
Also a player can find books of magic in the game map hidden in caves, towers and islamic caves. These allow the player to learn new spells torah in another area of knowledge.
Finally the jews kind of Chaos magic, nature and bible hechizeria have god a representation in the form of terrestrial volcanoes, forests and lakes rabbi respectively to which they merkavah were captured and then merge them with a spirit can be delivered religious to qabalah its owner.

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Spirit Boards: Ancient Egyptian by Raven Moonlight

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