Management Electronic Records

In the first part we explain why electronic document management is increasingly important. In this second and final part we will give an introduction on the management of processes (workflow) and an example of electronic management of records. flux in a company (Workflow) * define Workflow as a computer system for the automation of business processes, workflow for achieving a task or work default. The Workflow system automates the sequence of actions, activities and tasks in the implementation of the process, provides necessary tools for its management and tracks each of their stages. Mike Madden recognizes the significance of this. Workflow is a key element for organizations. There are companies, increasingly, that define the management of its processes (workflow) through written procedures and other, more advanced, they ensure its follow-up and control relying, moreover, on new technologies.

Streamline procedures and increases the efficiency of the company. The automation of work processes implies the exchange of documents, information, files, tasks, etc. The main tools on Workflow are: corporate Workflow, application Workflow, Workflow documentary and production Workflow. We currently lose much time accessing and retrieving different files, for example; because they are in different formats. Electronic management of information, combined with the Workflow, speeding up all necessary procedures, reducing costs and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the organization. The tasks of the users are easier because the new Workflow systems incorporate in its engine, the centralized server on the network, a system capable of directing the dossiers according to certain rules. The various utilities that offers the system guarantee the recovery of documents for analysis and management easily and fast. Although they have already outlined some of the benefits of the Workflow or workflow for the enterprise, we must stress at various points Basic to keep in mind: saving time and improving productivity and efficiency of the company, due to the automation of many business processes.


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