March Income

The relationship between the state and its citizens first and foremost determined by law. Most closely the state enforces tax laws, because of our tax forms with your budget and in these matters with the State better not interfere. Personal income tax or tax on personal income subject to any activities that bring you an income in addition to the principal place of work. Sell an apartment or a car passed at rental cottage for the summer, received a gift or inheritance – all reasons for that in the first quarter of next year you will have to fill out and submit your tax inspection Declaration 3 pit. Declaration of March personal income in 2009 – a 26 some form of sheets, which reflect all the possible options to generate additional income, subject to compulsory declaration. For each separate type of income corresponds to a sheet or several sheets, order completion of which is strictly regulated. There are no documents proving one or another income tax provided is not needed. Technology author understands that this is vital information.

All that is required – this is just to properly reflect their income in the declaration of three personal income tax, and tax but will check the data and decide whether you were sincere in their statements. Carelessness or a desire to intentionally conceal income can cost you in the future. – 5% of the outstanding amount as a penalty monthly, and if that period exceeds 6 months, and all 10%. Therefore, remember: The regular and timely filed with your tax office income tax declaration in March – is not only key to a restful sleep, but your civic duty, for which you are personally responsible.


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