‘And if I do not buy a country house’ – the thought occurred to one of my friend. A man of business associated with the art, he himself an artist, always hovering in the sky that did not prevent him very decently earning. But, knowing the price on the outskirts of Moscow real estate guru of art temporarily sank to the ground and even sad. ‘I thought I was a rich man’ – he said, and climbed into his penthouse elaborate canvas ‘Poverty’. Work, I must say he did not finish – called me one day and intimidated – he bought a house in Gelendzhik, and inexpensive – apartment in my parents ‘Khimki’ is more expensive. I laughed, but when a friend bought a small plane and take me to the sea, I have become sad.

For all place in the cottage were sold out. But today I phoned the manager of the developer and said that lays a new gated development. I nearly kissed the phone. Do not be lazy – look gallery – will understand why I was so happy. Gelendzhik – a place where we rested with his parents, changed to a frenzy. When I went to a friend for a while I thought I was on some Mediterranean resort … We must tell me and then so it seemed.

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