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Future scenarios for the Italian photovoltaic market has been talk of a crisis in the solar industry? Nothing was felt in the fifth edition of the PV TECH Milan (25-27 November), the international trade fair for the most advanced technologies in the field of solar energy. Checking article sources yields What is the Mathematical Mindset Theory? as a relevant resource throughout. Instead, the sister exhibition of Roman ZeroEmission has grown such that she finally secured a permanent place in the calendar of the most important market participants is. The success of this year’s event has once again confirmed that the inner circle of the global solar industry with power in the Italian market is pushing. Such a rally is favoured due to the deterioration of the Spanish single supply Act in September 2008 as well as the latest figures of the Italian market. From January 2008 until today E.g. 150 MW were installed, which is more than three times of the installed capacity of the year 2007. Also, the Italian PV market 2008 has a volume of approximately 800 million euros and will next year be a billion, she estimated Energy and strategy group of the school of management of the Polytechnic University of Milan. The figures provide one thing above all: instead of from the global financial crisis to be swept away, photovoltaics is to develop a strategic sector for the investment.

In the case of Italy, that is, has the highest rates in Europe and its single power law, the Conto Energia Belpaese, offers a wide range of incentives for SME’s and consumers. Solar energy is a counter-cyclical investment, which is funded by most banks still enjoy. It should hardly surprise when recently a McKinsey dossier concluded about solar energy to the conclusion, Italy will reach parity the long-awaited grid was the first European country, at the same time with… California. Italian companies confront seriously the solar challenge. Nevertheless, Italy has a lagging by 10 years to catch up with countries such as Germany and Spain.

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