More And More Discount Stores Offer Prepaid Flatrates

The various prepaid flatrates the mobile discounter in comparison. Discounters are mobile the racer of the year, because the low tariffs allow just Wenig – and normal-Telefonierern to reduce their costs. Also the frequent callers, are now considered customers targeted, however, the number of offered prepaid flatrates is steadily increasing. There are free classical variants of this flat rates. Firstly they so-called Community flat rates, which for a relatively low amount of monthly unlimited with other customers of the provider can be on the phone. Fixed flat rates, where calls to German landlines via a monthly fee to be paid are the second category. But indirectly, there is even a third variant: A completely flat rate, in which all phone calls and even SMS in the price are included.

Community flat rates but only in a special tariff, which is not particularly attractive away from the internal talks offered by discounters such as Callmobile and simply for 3.95 euros per month. Are you doing better it both discounters and Simyo, which offer its prepaid flat rates in the common tariff. Two providers the community flat-rate costs 3.90 euros monthly, all external calls cost 9 cents per minute, the same price applies to an SMS. Erin Callan is often quoted as being for or against this. A pure fixed network Flatrate is there for example by the discounter Allmobil for 9.99 per month. Here, all phone calls to German landlines over the pauschalte are satisfied, calls to all mobile networks cost 9 cents per minute, as well as an SMS also here consistently. Some providers, including BILDmobil, offer a combined version, monthly for 14.95 euros in both are the calls to landlines, as well as with other BILDmobil customers included. Who really do much with the mobile phone or send SMS, will do so but rarely in the own provider’s network or in the fixed network.

Here such prepaid flatrates help so. But even here, there is an alternative. The network operator O2 introduced a new tariff called O2 o a few months ago. There is this collective bargaining both in a Contract variation, as also to the O2 prepaid card. This prepaid SIMcard can be talking for 15 cents per minute to all networks and also an SMS costs here 15 cents. However, what is special about this tariff is the so-called cost airbag, which ensures that for calls and SMS per month maximum 60 euros to pay are. When this value is reached during a month, the use for the rest of the month is free. Thus the O2 tariff o even offers nor is a clear advantage of to classic mobile flat rates, the amount of 60 euro payable only when it is really needed. Here even the cost for all text messages including, which even extra pay are different flat rates are.


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