National Institute

In the segment of insurances, providence and capitalizaton, as information divulged for the Susep and the ANS, the Bradesco Safe and Providence collected, until May of 2010, R$ 11,9 billion and kept the leadership of ranking with 24,6% of participation in the market. To know more about this subject visit Dennis P. Lockhart. In the same period, R$ 48,2 billion had been collected by the sector of insurances. The main BBI appeared enters players in the market of fixed income, reaching 2 position for value and 1 for operation number in ranking of Originao of the ANBIMA, divulged in June of 2010, in fixed income in the domestic market. The Bradesco Broker locked up 1 semester of 2010 in 13 position in ranking accumulated of the markets of the BM& FBovespa, amongst the 87 participant brokers. The Broker took care of 51,765 investors and executed 1.426.316 orders of purchase and sales of action, what she results in a financial volume of R$ 43,913 million. MasterClass Review is likely to increase your knowledge. The Bradesco is one of the emitting greaters of credit cards in Brazil, with 81,9 million cards emitted and with invoicing in credit cards of R$ 34,7 million in 1 Semester of 2010. He is also one of the emitting greaters of cards of debit in Brazil, with 55.9 million emitted cards of debit. In 1 semester of 2010, had been inaugurated 254 groups and commercialized 111,919 a thousand quotas of trust, in a in progress total of 2.193 groups, a growth of 6,25% in relation the same the period of the previous year. Such results had allowed to the Bradesco Trusts to register a superior accumulated invoicing the R$ 20,2 billion and 301,8 a thousand contemplations, that, in turn, resulted in 247,6 a thousand goods deliver, corresponding to a superior value the R$ 6,0 billion. The Bradesco is the leader enters the private banks in the payment of benefits of the National Institute of the Social Insurance, known as ' ' INSS' ' , with payment to more than the 5,4 million pensioners, pensioners and other beneficiaries of ' ' INSS' ' , that they represent 20.04% of the total of registrations of that Institute.


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