Thomas Edison

If I continue, then soon the ways that are not work, run out, and I discovered that the surest way. " Perhaps you read this book with some of the world. Glad you know that Thomas Edison went to the so-called failures, instead of all the toss and surrender? And how Shraytera about Tom, "Big Al", who is now one of the legends of network marketing. He is a millionaire, and inspired millions of people in all corners of the globe to open the opportunities offered by this business. But not Tom's business has always been so rosy. The first two years of his career in network marketing were the complete "failure." He worked very diligently, but could not make serious progress. Two years later, even the effort to see it was not what.

That's right, zero distributors. However, Tom said that during this time he learned a lot. He learned to keep a positive attitude, not earning money, opened the most convenient way into the hall where the meetings were held on offer opportunities to work in the business and opened a lot of creative ways to dine when in the pocket a little money. Instead let the so-called denial to stop him, Tom used it to learn. Today, Tom teaches hundreds of thousands of distributors network marketing tools and strategies that he used to turn failure into wealth. Several times a year, he and his wife, Susan goes on a journey and he need not worry about what he will eat for dinner and how much it will cost.

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