Optimistic Vision

The optimistic and pessimistic terms describes the attitude of people to interpret the good and bad things that happen. Pessimistic people go through life believing that, most likely, not never solve their problems; they assume that their problems are the result of their own failures and personal flaws, which they see as impossible to change. Optimistic people believe that their problems are temporary and that are due to bad luck or uncontrollable circumstances; they believe that their problems will be resolved with the passage of time, or that they themselves will solve them. Against defects or faults, that warn in themselves, they assume that they are able to improve and overcome them. e administrator. We imagine you throw in parachute for knowing what attitudes embrace life and if you face it so positively. First jumps, arise anxiety and fear, through a new experience. But once surpassed the impression that produced the first saltos, the vision of the landscape from height is what motivates them to repeat the experience an and Once again. At first, the paratrooper, feels small to the vastness of the landscape; then, against that very wide vision, arises a certain omnipotencia, as if the elements of the landscape are visible, the montanas or the rivers, could be moldeados as the plasticine.

You have this same perspectiva in our lives gives us the feeling of being able to make and unmake what happens to us. You are now the paratrooper. Imagine that, in these momentos, you are half ride a downhill, you suavemente swinging in the air with the open paracaidas and looking at the place where you will be coming. Which of the following options best describe the place where you will be coming? 1. A landscape of field 2. A landscape of mountain 3. A landscape of jungle 4. A river flowing by following its course interprets your choice the picture of what awaits you after landing shows your actitud and vital expectations.


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